This is not going to be a session in August. Instead, these resources are provided for you as part of the CADRE, knowing that you will be creating flipcharts with the Promethean software.

TRT Inspire Resource Page

Each of these resource sheets will give you directions on one tip or trick for creating flipcharts.

Using Magic Ink to create interactive features

Adding Multimedia into your flipcharts (Thinking of adding Discovery Streaming videos into your flipchart? Look here.)

This document explains the "hidden" action in the action browser that allows you to create a button on your page. When pressed, the button will hide/show an object of your choice. This is good for revealing answers, text boxes, pictures, or objects. Difficulty Level: Medium

This page is NOT how to use "Magic Ink". Rather, this is a quick tip about using white ink on a white background to make hidden messages and interactive activities. Difficulty Level: Easy

Use this page to learn how to layer objects on the top, middle, or bottom level to create interactive activities. It also shows you how to hide one image behind another using layers, and how to lock items into place. Difficulty Level: Easy

This page shows you how to group objects together so that you can move them all together across the screen or push them off the screen. How to lock objects is also explained. Difficulty Level: Easy

Two easy ways to use color to create interactive activities. Drag sentences from one colored background into another to make the answer magically appear. Use the fill tool (paint bucket) to color words you have typed on the screen - ask kids to color certain words to make your flipchart interactive. Difficulty Level: Easy

Restrictors allow you to restrict the movement of objects on the flipchart to give you more control over where objects go on the page. Restrict an object to only move horizontally, vertically, or along a specified path that you draw. Difficulty Level: Medium

Quick Tips on Blog Posts:

I will use this flipchart at your trainings.

This flipchart is a combination of the one below and a few extra slides that I have added.

Created by Aimee Martin, TRT for FCPS.